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Table Top Role-Play 
Social Support Group

Table Top Role-Play 
Social Support Group

Starting October 10, 2023
Second Tuesday of Each Month
 5:30 - 7:30 pm 
1670 E Main Street, Suite B
Easley, SC  29640


In the safe and empathetic space of our social support group, each person's experience is met with unwavering respect and compassion. This group allows survivors and secondary survivors of sexual violence a safe place to come together to find support, understanding and healing. As a survivor, you can share your thoughts and emotions without judgment, knowing those around you are here to uplift and validate your journey. 


Secondary survivors, who have supported loved ones through their trauma, can engage in a unique activity that fosters empathy and communication skills. Embodying different perspectives, participants will cultivate a deeper understanding of the struggles and needs of all survivors. Using role-play scenarios, the power of shared stories and collective resilience shines through, nurturing a sense of community and empowerment that paves the way for healing and recovery.

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Our Tabletop Role Play Social Support Group is open to all ages. Please feel free to click on the flyer to download and share it with others.

For more information, contact Josh Holder at or call 864-442-5500.

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