The Raise the Bar Project is a bar outreach training program that teaches bar staff how to recognize warning signs of drug facilitated sexual assault, how to intervene if a situation occurs, and how bar staff can help make their establishment and our community a safer place.

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We believe that local bars and establishments can serve as a source of primary prevention if they choose to equip themselves with knowledge about drug and alcohol facilitated sexual assault. Our trainings are tailored to ensure effectiveness and we encourage all employees to participate in the intervention tactics we present to them. 

Through the training sessions, we will:

  1. Promote an environment of safety and consent within the Downtown Clemson bar community.

  2. Discuss sexual violence's impact and consequences.

  3. Provide information about Alcohol and Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault (DFSA).

  4. Discuss prevention, intervention, and response practices.

If an establishment chooses to participate in this training program, they will receive a plaque of completion. This page will contain an updated list of the establishments that have participated once trainings have been completed.  

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Upcoming trainings will be posted here.

Interested in scheduling a training or learning more? Fill out inquiry below and our Community Educator will get back to you shortly.