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Crisis Response

24 hours a day 
7 days a week
365 days a year

Help is Available

24 Hour Response

A trained advocate is available 24 hours a day, 365 days/year to assist sexual violence survivors through our telephone hotline and hospital accompaniment services.


24 Hour Hotline


Pickens County Advocacy Center provides 24 hour anonymous hotline services.  You can reach a trained victim advocate by calling our office number 864.442.5500.  After regular business hours, your call will be transferred to our on-call victim advocate.  Survivors, friends, and family members may use this hotline to receive information regarding reporting options, PCAC services, and other community referrals.


Reasons that people call our hotline:


  • The caller has been assaulted and needs information on medical help and reporting to law enforcement.

  • The person wants to learn the statute of limitations of sexual assault in South Carolina.

  • The person is not sure if what happened to them is sexual assault.

  • A friend or family member has experienced an assault and they want to learn how to help them.

  • The person experienced abuse in their childhood and wants to report or receive counseling.

  • A community partner witnessed an event or had an assault disclosed to them.

24 Hour Hospital Accompaniment


We respond to both Baptist Easley Hospital and AnMed Health Cannon Hospital to provide information and support to ensure your rights are being protected and provide support during the reporting and examination process.


In the State of South Carolina, you have two reporting options if you are of the age of consent.  You may report the assault to law enforcement and have the forensic examination completed.  You also have the option to complete an “Anonymous” report.  This means that you have the forensic examination completed and your rape kit stored with a code for 1 year.  Within that year, you have the option to report the assault to law enforcement and have the kit used for evidence.  If you do not report the assault to law enforcement with in that year, the kit will be destroyed.


Survivors that present to the hospital within 120 hours of their assault, can typically expect

  • A trained advocate from PCAC will be called to the hospital to provide information and support

  • Initial medical examination to ensure there are no life threatening injuries

  • A forensic examination will be performed to collect information and physical evidence

  • Medications to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and/or pregnancy

  • Our trained advocate will also provide follow-up services to provide additional support, guidance, and referrals for services.

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